Reflection for July 19th

My reflection from Sunday’s online worship   Sermon Text I don’t think I’m an especially good person. Nor do I … More

Reflection for July 5th

We aren’t fully saved until everyone has the opportunity to fully live into the people we were created to be

Reflection for June 14th

“And even as we lament our exile and long for return; we have seen that many of our neighbors are not lamenting exile but instead they long for exodus. They have lifted their cries of frustration and anger, and though it has seemed for so long that those cries have fallen into the wells of silence; they have been heard, they have been heard by God.”

Easter Message

It’s my Easter message from our Livestream worship, April 12, 2020

Born From Above?

What is Jesus talking about when he says that to see the kingdom of God we must be born from above?


Jesus’ temptations show us the importance of paying attention to the ways we reach for the good goals in our lives.